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Our goal is to provide meals filled with unrivaled flavors at a reasonable price in an environment everyone can enjoy! For us, it will always be about combining quality family-oriented service with the perfect balance of indulgent and gourmet meals. We want our meals to be a topic of conversation. We want you to enjoy the moment of surprise when you taste something so fresh and unique that you just can't keep it to yourself.

Complementing our perfectly rounded flavors and service, we are also a family owned and operated restaurant. We understand that life is busy and hectic, but we also treasure the importance of family relationships. Growing up, our parents always emphasized the significance of family, and it was important to them that we spent dinners together as a family. At Family Tree Cafe, we are carrying on this tradition by making our restaurant a place where families can come together to enjoy delicious, quality meals while simultaneously spending time with the people who mean the most.

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Family Tree Cafe


129 1/2 S. Bridge St.

DeWitt, MI


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8:00 AM
8:00 PM